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About Kim

I have an MSc degree, graduating with Honours (Massey University PN), and a three-year Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology (University of Waikato).  I qualified as a clinical psychologist in 2002.  

Since then I have worked for:
  •  The Child, Adolescent and Family Service (CAFS) for the Capital Coast DHB. Here I worked in a multi-disciplinary team with children and young people with significant emotional and behavioural, and developmental difficulties. 

  • The Child Development Team for the Hutt Hospital.  Here I was involved in the assessment and diagnosis of children with developmental concerns, including intellectual disability, dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder and foetal alcohol spectrum disorder. I continue to work for the Hutt CDS on a contract basis. 

  • Massey University Student Health, counselling and supporting students with a variety of issues, including stress, mood disorders, anxiety, and relationship concerns.

  • The Family Court.  I have worked as an approved specialist report writer for the Family Court, providing assessments that focus on parent-child relationships, attachment, parenting skills, and children’s needs.  At times this involved being cross-questioned in court.

  • In my private practice, working with children and adults with a variety of issues, including autism spectrum disorder, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other presenting issues, as well as conducting psychological, developmental, immigration and Family Court assessments and providing comprehensive written reports.  

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